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40,000+ Cars A Day Will Go Through Riversides' Hillcrest, Hawarden Hills, Greenbelt and Casa Blanca Communities Via Overlook Parkway.

Unknown to most city residents, some Riverside City Bureaucrats in concert with other officials have been aggressively pursuing the construction of a major commuter expressway through the heart of Riverside and a number of its most sensitive residential areas.

According to documents obtained from the city, and statements by city officials in a public forums, a terrifying view of up to 20,000 (40,000 estimated for 2013) or more cars a day, mostly from Moreno Valley, will use the expressway once built. Dubbed "The Highway From Hell", by opponents, the expressway is seen as a giant step backwards in denigration of life for all those living along its planned corridors.

Seemingly the brain child of City Officials, in order to keep some public workers employed in these economic down-times, the expressway would be accomplished by connecting two separate sections of Overlook Parkway with an expensive new bridge. The proposed expressway would then go from Alessandro Blvd. to the Riverside Freeway (SR91) via a widened and lengthened Washington St, or (illegally) across Greenbelt land to Madison St. The expressway would effectively link Moreno Valley to the Riverside Freeway at Madison Street, routing 40,000 cars a day directly through residential areas and our beautiful Greenbelt.

Those areas to be most effected are:

Hillcrest and Hawarden Hills

Two of Riverside's most prestigious residential areas, are presently reached by alternate ends of the present Overlook Parkway. City Bureaucrats believe it is necessary to construct a bridge connecting these two existing sections of residential roadway. The new bridge, reached by alternate ends of the present Overlook Parkway, once built, will initiate an enhanced traffic uptake from Moreno Valley to the Riverside Freeway that all agree will be impossible to stop or control (including increased crime. see map)

The Greenbelt

Known for Victoria Avenue, citrus groves, bike paths, the Gage Canal, open space and tranquil serenity will forever be changed with traffic, noise, litter and air pollution from 40,000+ cars a day. Victoria Avenue would be forever destroyed.  Can you image the impact of: excessive traffic, tree removal for left turn lanes, stop lights at every intersection, road rage,...

The community of Casa Blanca

Already bordered by the Riverside Freeway, it will be effectively divided in two. If completed, the expressway will also necessitate a multimillion dollar railroad underpass (grade crossing) at Madison St and the 91 Freeway to ease the long miles of congestion.

Major Concerns of Opponents

If constructed, the proposed expressway will invariably bring environmental pollution, noise pollution, increased crime, and traffic congestion right to the door steps of virtually every home in these four communities. Street gangs will have direct access to the heart of our residential areas for their drive-by shootings, dope deals, burglaries and the preying on of children. The existing Overlook Parkway privacy wall will in all probability become a miles long graffiti billboard as rival gangs stake out their "turf". Proliferation of litter will become commonplace. Increased police patrol, from already understaffed city services, will further tax our limited resources. Long gone will be the serenity, privacy and tranquility that many have worked so long and hard to acquire.